Do you want to boost your sales revenue?
Turn your customers into fans!

I want fan-customers

Why fans?

Fans come back

By subscribing to your daily specials (lunch, dish, suggestions...), your customers discover new dishes which increase their appetite at the right time and make them wish to come back.

Fans spend more

At the same time, they can be let themselves tempted by original appetizers, lunches or desserts which are pleasurable variations.

Fans recommend you

When they have drooled over your daily specials, your customers can share them on Facebook. Thus, their friends will be able to discover your restaurant.

For whom?

Do you own a restaurant? Your customers like to come back to you for your good advice, your creativity, the renewal of your offer, your deals... briefly put, for your added value? But you would like them to return even more often?

Or you have noticed that your passive website is not enough anymore? You have understood that you should not wait any longer for your customers to come to you, that you have to reach them and especially to leave them the choice of the communication channel: by email or via the social networks. Everyone according to their desire.

Then ChefMinute can help you!

Our solution

Do what we call "proximity e-Marketing": to turn your customers into fans, communicate regularly to them your most recent deals by email and via your website, Facebook and Twitter.

Complicated? Not at all, ChefMinute simplifies your life. We offer you a complete solution which contains:

  • your website, perfectly adapted to social networks and mobile devices,
  • broadcasting functions towards your customers integrated into your ChefMinute website and very easy to use.

Our solution deals with the constraints related to the various communication channels. A click is enough for you to publish your latest deals on your website and to share them via the channels chosen by your customers. Thus ChefMinute increases the power and the reach of your communication!

Imagine for one moment that, thanks to our communication tool, 1 out of 4 of your customers comes to your restaurant twice a month instead of once. Result: 25% more revenue. At a cost of only 99€ /month!

In practice


You create here the new website of your restaurant, effective and adapted to mobiles devices. Or let us create it for you.


On a daily basis, you code and publish easily your daily deals on your website via your mobile, tablet or PC.


At the same time you broadcast your deals with one click to your subscribers by email, Facebook and Twitter.


Each subscriber or visitor of your website can share your deals. For a snowball effect!

Your benefits

Easy creation of your website
All in one, in a few minutes
Adapted to mobile devices
Attract loyalty and activate your customers
Grow the value of your daily deals
Pack of free subscription cards
Optimized for your customers
Evolutionary solution
Free domain name
Demo website:

See for yourself the effectiveness of a ChefMinute site for your customers. Test it on your smartphone and note its user-friendliness!

I find your concept "sexy". Be its look and feel, its concept, its user-friendliness, I really believe in it!
Julien Joie, Corporate Advisor, Belga News Agency
ChefMinute. The web solution which will boost the occupancy of your restaurant.